In Indonesia cases of physical, sexual and psychological violence against women are still under-reported to the law and rarely reach the public eye. Isolation from family and friends and the risk of losing their job for women domestic workers are what most of the victims feel as a hard position to face.
These fears leave much of the violence and other abuses perpetrated against these women hidden. We need people to be more aware of the fear the victims are dealing with so they can be the voices for these women.
Together with Puan Amal Hayati foundation, we created a series of satirical radio spots. These spots while carrying a serious message is delivered through funny daily conversations between the victim and her friends. This makes the spot all the more poignant as abuse is no laughing matter so it should not be trivalized.
Puan Amal Hayati Foundation is a socio-humanity organization initiated and founded in Jakarta by academicians, the Islamic boarding schools boards and social activists who are concerned with empowering women against violence.
Awarded Silver in Citra Pariwara Indonesia, Finalist in Adfest
Housewives gathering is a place where women update each other about their happy married life and show off what a good life they are having. The conversation ostensibly talks about how the victim's husband passionately gives her love while the truth is she was given a lot of beating.
Girls love to have routine beauty treatments to the point they will be friends with the beauty parlor staff and can pour their hearts out and even joke about their lives to the staff. The conversation ostensibly talks about how the victim is showered with love and care by her boyfriend while the truth is she was given a lot of physical and psychological abuse.

Return home

When returning to their home town domestic workers tend to brag about the city life to their fellow villagers.        The conversation in this spot ostensibly talks about how her employer helped make her over while the truth is the make over are actually violent bruises and injuries.

Agency: Hakuhodo Asia Pacific // Hakuhodo Indonesia 
ECD: Woon Hoh
CEO: Irfan Ramli
Creative: Irvine Prisilia // Lucy Novita // Edi Nurchayo
Production: Cut2Cut
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