In the beginning of 2018, Rejoice launched a new product range called: Perfume Smooth, and at the same time the brand was also revitalising to make it more relevant to the younger target. 
For the Thailand local maximisation project, we had the chance to partner up with Youtube to introduce the product. The challenge was to create a content like what a content creator would make. 
What does it mean? It means we had to double down on the creativity, because we were challenged to create a content under a limited time and budget, yet this was why the opportunity was great. For the first time ever, the creative agency and the client worked together on an online film script! It was an exciting experience. 
The result is this K-Drama series trailer that received positive responses and hit the no.2 trending topic on the third day after the launch. The K-Drama lovers even have been requesting Rejoice to make the series. 
It was a huge success for P&G Hair Care team, proving that creativity is the only way to create breakthroughs in a category, and the only way to truly differentiate our content. 
Creative Directors: Apiwat + Irvine // Creative team:  Jidapa Udomkittivorakul // Atthapong Rakkatham
P&G Thailand Hair Care team: Shin Yoo Jung, Teerapat Pongmaytee.
Production team: Buffet Channel
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